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Interfaces: How to open the TV cable network

Last updated on March 9, 2021

Similar to Telekom before, Vodafone has to open its cable network for others, which is complex. Tele Columbus is also in the process of defining the necessary standard interfaces.

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Achim Sawall
10. November 2020, 6:20 pm The cable network of Vodafone
(Picture: Vodafone Germany)

Vodafone and Tele Columbus currently provide other network operators with access to their coaxial structures. While Tele Columbus does this voluntarily in order to earn money, Vodafone is forced to do so by EU competition requirements arising from its acquisition of Unitymedia.

On October 20, the mobile network operator Telefónica began its long announced cooperation with the cable network operator Vodafone. The cooperation with Vodafone thus went into effect. O2 customers will still be able to book cable in November, the company explained. Telefónica Deutschland had already declared in May 2019 that Vodafone would open its TV cable network for the mobile phone operator. However, Vodafone only leases cable connections to Telefónica with speeds of up to 300 MBit/s.

Opening at Vodafone: Limited data rate but more than VDSL

However, the whole process of opening takes a long time. “The cable wholesale contract with Telefónica Deutschland is designed for the long term,” said Vodafone spokesperson Helge Buchheister when asked. The partnership will enable Telefónica to market its own cable products via the Vodafone cable network in future. Telefónica will benefit from access to download speeds of up to 300 MBit/s, which is just above the speed of commercially available VDSL offers. Super Vectoring reaches 250 MBit/s.

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“The implementation is complex and involves adjustments and developments at network and IT level. The work is well advanced and on schedule”, Buchheister emphasized.

The second largest cable network operator Tele Columbus also reports that interference suppression processes, porting and product provisioning are precisely coordinated between the houses. “As part of the agreement with Telefónica, Tele Columbus provides IP pre-products,” said company spokesman Mario Gongolsky on request. The necessary standard interfaces will be defined to implement offers from Telefónica’s O2 brand in the networks. “Each individual work package will be managed by teams set up on an equal footing”, explained Gongolsky.

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