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Invites Are Going Out To Buy A PS5 Or Xbox Series X From Amazon

Amazon is sending out invites to buy a PS5 or an Xbox Series X. The online retailer has confirmed that it has sent out the latest round of invites to make the purchase of either console. So, if you’re one of the consumers who is still waiting to buy one, you might want to check your email inbox and see if you were a lucky recipient.

There is one catch though. You would have had to sign up to receive an invite. Earlier this Summer Amazon began opening up invite requests (via The Verge) to buy the PS5 and Xbox Series X. And if you requested an invite, then you may have gotten one today. Amazon also notes that if you didn’t get an invite, another round of them will be sent out in the near future. The very near future in fact, as it’s going to send out more invites next week.

The company doesn’t say exactly when. But it’ll likely happen at the beginning of the week just like it this time around. If you didn’t get an invite today, keep an eye out for one starting next Monday.

Amazon invites to buy a PS5 or Xbox Series X will last for 72 hours

If you received an invite, you’ll have exactly 72 hours to buy the console before your allocated unit is released. At which point Amazon probably rolls that stock back into the pool for the next round of invites.

If you didn’t receive an invite because you didn’t request one, you can still request one for the next round. You also aren’t required to be a Prime member to request an invite.

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For those that do receive the invites will get a unique link inside of the invite email. You’ll need to click that link to buy the console that you signed up for. If you did sign up but didn’t get an invite this time, and you end up not getting one next week, there’s always the chance you can score one from another retailer.

Though you’ll have to wait for restocks and get passed the sea of other consumers all vying for the same units. At least through Amazon you have a guarantee to buy if you receive an invite to do so.


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