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iPhone 16 Ua may stand above the ‘Pro’ line as the priciest model

The iPhone 16 Ua may arrive next year, but not as a renamed ‘Pro Max’ model, this device may stand above the ‘Pro’ and ‘Pro Max’ as the company’s priciest and most premium model.

As many of you know, Apple is rumored to launch the iPhone 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro, and 15 Ua this year. Well, that may not be the case after all, if this new report is to be believed.

The iPhone 16 Ua may stand above the ‘Pro’ models as the priciest offering

Just to be clear, this report comes from Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, so it has some weight to it. Based on it, we may actually see five iPhones launched at the same time in 2024.

Do note that Mark Gurman did not confirm that it will be called the ‘Ua’, but it probably will. He’s also the man who reported that the ‘Pro Max’ will be renamed to ‘Ua’ back in September. So, he may have some new info on that, so we’ll consider this new report to be the correct one.

Based on the report, the iPhone 16 Ua may arrive with an improved camera, faster chip, and maybe even a larger display than its siblings. The camera improvements may be represented in form of a periscope camera, along with some other changes.

If that ends up being the case, then it means that the Pro Max won’t include a periscope camera after all. We’ll just have to wait and see, at this point we can only guess.

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Apple is also tipped to remove the charging port in the future, move to wireless charging exclusively

Apple may also remove the charging port next year entirely. That seems a bit far-fetched, but we’ll see. Let’s just hope Apple can deliver faster wireless charging if it plans to do something like that.

All iPhone 15 models are tipped to include a Dynamic Island, by the way. All of them will also feature a Type-C USB port at the bottom, to comply with the latest demands in the EU.

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