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Is IT Outsourcing Profitable, And When?

Reaching out for outsourcing support can be a great way to overcome temporary challenges related to business growth. Some companies, however, decide to incorporate this kind of cooperation in their business model permanently. When can outsourcing bring tangible profits?

Self-sufficiency is fashionable, but in business, it’s not always the most beneficial model. Before it brings profits, the company has to find its path, which is not always paved with roses. Self-sufficiency may be something to be proud of, but it often comes at the cost of delays and financial difficulties. That’s why more and more companies at various levels of business development take advantage of outsourcing – a business cooperation model in which one company takes over a range of duties of the other, based on the concluded agreement.

What is IT outsourcing, and why does it make sense?

IT industry is one of the few that take the most advantage of outsourcing, alongside the HR and accounting services. IT outsourcing can cover various areas, including software development, web development, hosting, IT infrastructure, technical support, or database management.

All these areas require technical expertise that cannot be obtained within a short time frame. Using outsourcing services instead of relying on enterprise resources is the best way to avoid project delays since the outsourced specialists have all the necessary qualifications to launch the works right away. It gives you access to additional resources without a time-consuming recruitment process.

How much does IT outsourcing cost, and is it profitable?

The costs of IT outsourcing services may vary, depending on the range of duties to cover and the type of outsourcing you choose. Offshoring is the outsourcing model that can lower operational costs the most, but it comes at few risks tied to the differences in business culture and time zones. Nearshoring and onshoring are less risky but cost more. Most IT outsourcing companies provide you with the quote before launching the cooperation. Reach out to Codete ( to check how much the support could cost.

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In most cases, outsourcing turns out to be profitable, lowering labor and operational costs. With the external support, the companies are much more flexible, what facilitates the acquisition of new clients and meeting their expectations.

Who should use the services of an outsourcing company?

Any company lacking internal resources to implement an IT solution or improve the existing one should consider IT outsourcing services. Regardless of the type of support you need – project-based, short-term or long-term – you can count for the profits listed above. Also, when the company’s resources are limited, and the project has a tight deadline, outsourcing comes as a perfect solution.

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