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It’s Now Harder To Buy PS3 And Vita Games On The Playstation Store

Nowadays, the simple concept of backwards compatibility seems to be fading, which leads to us playing older games only through digital downloads. Well, according to Kotaku, Sony is making it harder to buy PS3 and PS Vita games on the PlayStation store.

You have to jump through a bunch of hoops to buy PS3 and PS Vita games

This seems like a really passive-aggressive way of pointing players to buy PS4 and PS5 games. If you want to buy older games, you can no longer just pay with a credit or debit card. Now, if you want to buy a game, you will have to pay through the alternate methods available.

Firstly, you can pay with your PlayStation account using the wallet system. You can add the funds to your account via the Sony website, or through your PS4/PS5 console.

The other method is going out and buying a gift card from a store. It’s frustrating for most players who want to relive their old games only to find that they need to jump through hoops to get them on the PlayStation store.

This type of behavior is really bad for this day and age

With every generation of consoles that comes out, it seems to get harder and harder to retain older. Backwards compatibility has been hit-or-miss for the past 16 years, and it’s been getting worse as the years go on. Nintendo seems to be the only company that puts a competent effort into backwards compatibility, and this is the company that changes game formats every system.

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Now that backwards compatibility fading and physical copies of older games aging, it’s more important than ever that companies focus more on preserving older games. The way that Sony is treating its PS3 and Vita games is really sad. Hopefully, the company changes eventually.

PlayStation owners can use these new Razer headsets for their systems

Though it’s hard to get PS3 and Vita games on your PlayStation console, you can use these Razer headphones for your modern games. The company has just launched the Kaira X line of new gamer accessories; this includes a headset that can work on PlayStation systems.

Aesthetically, this new headset matches the PS5’s blue, white and black color scheme. The Kaira X headphones promise some good video game audio with Razer’s Triforce 50mm drivers. These are an upgrade from the previous generation, the Kraken X headphones; those have 40mm drivers.

These are wired headphones, so most people might have an issue with the price. These will run you $60, which seems steep. However, if you’re a super fan, this should be no problem!

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