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Jade Raymond Left Stadia To Create A New Indie Studio Called Haven

Former lead for the now defunct Stadia Games & Entertainment, Jade Raymond, left Stadia to create a new independent studio called Haven. Raymond has made the announcement today on her official Twitter account.

But Sony also announced the news officially on its PlayStation blog. Why? Because PlayStation is Haven’s first project. Of course, this is a big difference from creating new IP for Stadia. Which at this point won’t have any first-party games at all.

While the departure from Stadia may have sparked concern over Stadia’s future, it’s done the opposite for Raymond and anyone who is now working for Haven. The future is bright indeed and it’s likely to only get brighter.

Last stop Stadia, next stop Haven Studio and the PlayStation platform

Raymond hasn’t shared much in the way of details on her new game. But what she has said is that the new game is an unannounced IP for the PlayStation platform.

The studio is already “hard at work” on the upcoming game as well. And however vague that is, it still leaves room for the potential that Haven has been working on this game for a little while. Although, not too long since Raymond was still with Stadia at the beginning of this year. And only left at the beginning of Last month.

As there are no details about the new game, much of Raymond’s announcement is about past reflection and what comes next. It also details Raymond’s passion for making games. And that comes through in her words.

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“Games continue to bring me joy. And the act of making games is, in many ways, even more fulfilling.” She says. It also sounds like those who are on this new journey with her are just as passionate about the industry and creating games for people to play.

A safe haven for all manner of players

When you get right down to it, the name of the studio, Haven, makes a whole lot of sense. Games are about having fun. Many are about having a sense of community, or at least providing a community for players to rally around.

During Raymond’s announcement she states that Haven Studio is dedicated to creating worlds where people can escape, have fun, express themselves, and find community. A “haven” if you will.

That doesn’t really much give away in terms of the studio’s first game title. But perhaps there’s something to glean from the mention of creating worlds where people can find community.

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