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June Google System updates bring Wallet UI for foldables

The Google System updates for June 2023 are now rolling out. The first batch of updates brings an optimized UI for the Google Wallet app on foldables, expanded Find My Device network, and a few other improvements. All of these changes will roll out to users with Google Play services v23.22 released a couple of days back.

Google recently announced a major update for the Wallet app. It’s adding support for TSA-compliant digital IDs, custom digital passes, Messages integration, and more. Now, as part of the June Google System updates, the company is pushing an optimized UI for the app on foldable smartphones. “Gpay support for foldable devices,” Google says in its release notes. This should mean a Wallet UI designed specifically for big-screen devices. 9to5Google has noticed that foldable phones need to be closed for making payments or using passes.

This appears to be a perfectly timed rollout ahead of the Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet’s release later this month. Google has updated several first-party apps with UI optimizations for bigger screens in recent months, including Google Recorder. The company is seemingly committed to giving a complete experience of its apps to the buyers of these new products from the get-go. Wallet users can also now disable those fun animations that show up on the screen after completing a payment or using a pass.

Elsewhere, Google is expanding its Find My Device network for Android products with the latest system updates. The network now uses a new privacy-centric framework and supports more devices, including accessories. These updates also bring new alerts and recommendations to secure your Google Account. Last but not least, the company has added a reminder dialog for pending system updates so you don’t miss out on the latest features.

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Google System updates roll out in batches

Google System updates are different from the firmware updates you get on your Android phone. These updates bring changes and improvements to the core Android components, including the Android OS, Google Play Store, and Google Play services. Those changes often impact the company’s first-party apps such as Gmail, Contacts, Wallet, Maps, and more. One such update in May fundamentally changed how saved contacts sync across your Android devices.

The latest system updates are usually installed automatically, though you can check for updates manually from the About phone section in your phone’s Settings app. You can also check for the updates for Google Play services here. Note that these updates roll out in batches throughout the month. This is the first batch of June system updates, rolling out with Google Play services v23.22. We will let you know when Google releases the second batch of the latest system updates.

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