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June Update Fixed GSM & Call Drop Issues On Galaxy S22 Ua

The June security update seems to have solved a couple of major issues with Samsung’s Galaxy S22 Ua. Several users have confirmed that the phone no longer has GSM network problems. Users are also encountering lesser call drops following the latest update.

The GSM problems and call drop issues have existed on the Galaxy S22 Ua out of the box. The European Exynos variants of the phone appear to be the worst hit but there’s no confirmation of the Snapdragon units being completely free of these issues. Hundreds of users have complained of the problems over the past four months across various online platforms, including Reddit and Samsung’s official community forums. This month’s OTA (over the air) update seems to fix them for some users.

It’s unclear what’s the root cause of these issues on the Galaxy S22 Ua. But Samsung seems to be struggling to fix them. Nearly four months into the market, the device continues to have those annoying problems. The latest update may have given a little respite to some of the affected users but a whole lot of them are out of luck.

Interestingly, one user has pointed out that the GSM issues on the Galaxy S22 Ua only occur with certain carrier networks (via). Perhaps this explains the varying nature of problems and Samsung’s resolution not working for everyone. The phone likely doesn’t get along properly with the wireless technologies and equipment employed by the affected carriers. The June update may have improved things for some networks but doesn’t entirely eradicate these incompatibilities.

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Hopefully, Samsung will continue to investigate the issues and fix them once and for all soon. The company has already released two updates in June so far, at least in some regions. Perhaps in regions where the issues are widespread. If your Galaxy S22 Ua is affected too, make sure to keep it updated. You can check for updates from the Settings app, under the Software update menu.

June update also brings camera improvements to the Galaxy S22 series

Samsung started rolling out the June security update to the Galaxy S22 series a couple of weeks back. The rollout has already reached most markets globally. As mentioned earlier, some markets have received two June updates. Along with the latest security fixes and the possible GSM network fixes, this month’s release also brings camera improvements to the Galaxy S22 trio. The new software package will allow for improved natural sharpness in photos. It also improves the Single Take and Portrait Mode features.

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