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Leak Reveals Motorola Smart Stylus & Edge 30 Ua Folio Case

The Motorola Edge 30 Ua is almost here, and we’ve learned a fair bit about the smartphone over the past few weeks. A new leak is now shedding light on some of the accessories it would bring, namely the Motorola Smart Stylus and a Folio Case for the Edge 30 Ua.

The folks over at XDA have reportedly seen the two accessories and have offered a few mockups of the same. Starting with the Smart Stylus, it pairs over Bluetooth with wireless charging and air gestures built-in.

Further, customers can use the new Smart Stylus as a mouse with an external display. The solitary button on the stylus can be utilized for media controls. Another bonus with this revamped stylus is the ability to write directly inside text boxes.

Motorola could be taking a cue from Samsung’s S Pen for its upcoming Smart Stylus

These revelations indicate that Motorola’s new stylus could be similar to the Samsung S Pen. But we’ll have to wait until the Smart Stylus is officially available to make comparisons of that nature. XDA confirms that this stylus is different from the company’s previous implementations in that it offers a bunch of additional features. By comparison, the stylus on the Moto G Stylus (2022) is more basic.

Pairing the Smart Stylus to a phone opens an onscreen bubble that acts as a status indicator (battery, charging, etc). Moreover, it will also display apps that are compatible with the stylus. Interestingly, the stylus offers some additional features when combined with the Moto Edge 30 Ua Folio Case. For example, the Folio Case has a dedicated holder on the back for the Smart Stylus.

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Moto Edge 30 Ua Folio Case can wirelessly charge the new Smart Stylus

Users get software alerts when the stylus is removed or if it’s been out of the case for a while. Customers also get reminders when their stylus hasn’t been operational for some time. As you may have guessed based on what we’ve said so far, the stylus has its own battery. The Folio Case can wirelessly charge the Smart Stylus, thus ensuring it never runs out of juice.

As you would expect, the Folio Case has its own set of functionality, including an empty strip in the middle of the screen that shows the always-on display. There’s the ability to answer or decline phone calls using this vacant area, a feature that plenty of phone cases offer today. This empty strip on the Edge 30 Ua Folio Case would also offer the standard combination of date, time, and pending notifications as per one of the mockups.

XDA points out that the name “Folio Case” may not be final. So the accessory could be called something else entirely. The Edge 30 Ua is likely to break cover over the next few weeks. However, there’s no official launch date yet.

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