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Leak Shows Redesigned Output Picker On Android 13

Multiple revelations have given us a decent understanding of Android 13, which will make its commercial debut during the fall of this year. We’re now learning about a visual change that could be coming to the output picker menu on Google’s upcoming mobile operating system.

As per screenshots accessed by Android Police, there are a handful of changes coming to this often-used feature. In case you’re unaware, the output picker lets you choose where the audio plays from (phone speaker, Bluetooth earbuds, and so on).

While the current output picker on Android 12 is somewhat bulky, the upcoming iteration appears to use a more compact window. Although the output picker doesn’t appear among the media controls in these screenshots, the option reportedly exists. Moreover, the new output picker is also accessible via Settings, as the second screenshot shows.

Android 13 is also adding a dedicated QR code scanner on the lock screen

The conventional volume slider appears to be replaced by a bar that covers the device’s name. There’s also a checkmark to indicate which device/accessory is in operation. Meanwhile, devices that aren’t currently connected will simply be grayed out instead of carrying the “disconnected” marker. The rounded icon for each device is also gone, as the icon is built into the volume slider.

Overall, the changes appear to align with Android 12, especially the redesigned volume slider. Other aspects, such as the font or size of the text, could change before the final release of Android 13.

It’s still early days to say anything conclusively about Android 13. But with alpha and beta releases just a few months away, information should start pouring in soon. An extensive leak late last month offered us some details on “Tiramisu,” which is the codename for Android 13.

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We’ve learned so far that Android 13 could introduce the ability to set a different language for each app. More recently, a report told us that Google could improve QR code integration with the next major Android release. The company will reportedly achieve this by adding a Quick Setting tile and a QR reader on the lock screen. Although the stock camera app on Android can already scan QR codes, Google seemingly wants to offer a separate option for this purpose.

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