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Let HyperX Charge Both Of Your Xbox Series X Wireless Controllers

If you have more than one Xbox Series X wireless controller and you need or want to charge two of them up at the same time, HyperX has you covered.

It’s widely popular ChargePlay Duo accessory for Xbox now supports the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and HyperX says the accessory is available to buy right now. It retails for $39.99 and costs the same as the ChargePlay Duo for PS4.

In fact this version of the ChargePlay Duo for Xbox is essentially the same one that HyperX sold prior to today’s announcement. This new one simply now supports the latest Xbox consoles. It also still supports the older Xbox consoles. So if you have older Xbox wireless controller models, those will work here too.

The HyperX ChargePlay Duo for Xbox Series X fully charges controllers in 3 hours

Need your controllers back online asap? While there aren’t any accessories that can charge your controllers instantaneously, there are solutions for charging them back up quickly.

The refreshed ChargePlay Duo will charge your Xbox Series X controllers up in under three hours. Which means if the controllers ever both die on you, you won’t have to take that much of a break before you have more usable battery life.

This battery charging speed isn’t stated as being any faster than before. Just that you can now charge up the new version of the wireless controller. Still, three hours isn’t too long of a wait considering how long it takes to drain the batteries down.

The perfect solution for getting rid of the AAs?

There are benefits of using AA batteries. For one it means you have one less thing to charge. You just use the controller day in and day out and eventually the batteries just need to be replaced. But that could take months. And that’s months you don’t have to remember to either plug your controller in or put it on a dock.

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But it also means that you’ll need to buy more AA batteries. With something like the ChargePlay Duo for Xbox, that isn’t the case. It comes with two battery packs to slot into each wireless controller. So you can use the controllers till they need some juice.

There are even LED indicators to let you know how far along the battery is. Now you can find these on Amazon in addition to the HyperX website. But the ones on Amazon don’t explicitly state they’re the refreshed model. Which means there’s no guarantee they work with the new Xbox Series X and S controllers.

HyperX ChargePlay Duo for Xbox Series X

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