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LG Stylo 7 Shows Up For Certification, Packs Bluetooth 5.1

Rumors have been swirling for some time now, largely dismissed by the company, that LG would be abandoning various aspects of its smartphone business. But that’s not going to be happening anytime soon. That’s if a recently-reported Bluetooth certification for the LG Stylo 7 is any indication.

Now, this is only a Bluetooth SIG certification for LG Stylo 7 — listed with model number LG-Q201126. So it isn’t going to be giving away a deep list of details on the incoming handset. But the series is coming with Bluetooth 5.1, this time around. And that’s already arguably a step in the right direction for expectations. Last year’s LG Stylo 6 shipped with Bluetooth 5.0.

Aside from Bluetooth certification, what’s going on with LG Stylo 7?

The current expectation for LG Stylo 7 is that it could feature a 6.8-inch display panel with a punch-hole camera for selfies and with a 5G variant in tow. There will also reportedly be three cameras at the back, although no specs have been detailed there.

In terms of overall measurement, that’s expected to fall in at around 170.4 x 77.2mm with a thin build at 8.8mm. And the bottom, next to the speaker and USB-C port, is expected to hold the series’ standard frame-housed stylus. A fingerprint reader, conversely, will be placed on the side of the device. Presumably in the power button. While a 3.5mm audio combo jack is predicted to remain intact for this generation.

Aside from a 5G model, a 4G variant is expected. And all of the specs are predicted to fall in-line with the 5G model, despite the differences in connectivity. What, exactly, those specs will be, is anybody’s guess for the time being. But the company could reasonably be expected to improve the gadget from its predecessor almost across the board. Especially since it’s already stepping Bluetooth forward from 5.0 to 5.1.

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What do we know about when this is coming?

Now, two other phone models were listed alongside LG Stylo 7 — LG-Q201126. Those are the LM-K735MM and the LM-K735PM. Those are expected to be K73 models for 2021. The former of those was also reportedly spotted already at the FCC, so it should come sooner than later. But none of that really sets a timeframe for any of these devices. Let alone for the LG Stylo 7.

One certification for the Stylo 7 also doesn’t say much. But the timing does align well with previous launches. The LG Stylo 6 was made available in May of last year. So there’s reason to expect LG will follow a similar launch timeline this year.

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