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Major HTC Vive Flow Leak Bares It All, Including Price & Availability

HTC is preparing to launch a new virtual reality (VR) headset this week. Called the Vive Flow, the device will break cover at a virtual event on the Engage platform tomorrow, i.e. Thursday, October 14th. The company recently posted a teaser video for the upcoming gadget. But just a day before the official unveiling, the HTC Vive Flow has leaked in a bunch of high-resolution renders, revealing its design from all angles. The leak comes courtesy of Evan Blass, aka @evleaks, on Twitter and it leaves nothing to the imagination, not even the price and shipping time.

HTC Vive Flow VR headset: design and specs

One glance at the leaked images is enough to tell that the HTC Vive Flow is the real-world version of Project Proton, a compact, mixed-reality headset concept the company showed in February 2020. It features two big, buggy-eyes with a yellowish shade. There appear to be multiple cameras embedded in these eyes.

HTC, which sees its future in VR, at that time suggested that it has two versions of the device in the plan — an all-in-one headset with all of the processing happening on board, and a phone-tethered version. The Vive Flow will seemingly come in both versions.

As you can see in the images above (and below), the HTC Vive Flow doesn’t have a head strap. Instead, it features eyeglass-like temples that will sit over your ears. Most VR headsets have straps that go around your head for a comfortable balance. It’ll be interesting to see how HTC managed to achieve that balance without a head strap.

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The HTC Vive Flow features adjustable diopter lenses with up to -6.0D focusing power. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth to use as a VR remote controller. You can also use Micacast for phone-to-VR streaming. Other features include a cooling fan, spatial audio, snap-on face cushion, and dual-hinge fit system.

Price and availability

The latest leak also reveals the pricing and availability details of the HTC Vive Flow. The headset will reportedly cost $499 in the US. Pre-order starts on the very next day after unveiling, i.e. on October 15th. HTC will start shipping the units in early November. The company is offering numerous freebies to pre-order customers. These include seven free VR content, two months of Infinity Vista subscription, and a free carrying case.

Note that the pricing and availability, as well as the pre-order gifts, may differ by region. With the official unveiling scheduled for tomorrow, it’s not a long wait before we get to know more about the HTC Vive Flow. So stay tuned.

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