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Microsoft announces a Surface event for October 12th


It’s time for new Surface devices

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Microsoft is holding a Surface event next month. The software giant is officially labeling the event “Microsoft Fall 2022 Event,” where it says it plans to “talk about devices.” The Microsoft event will kick off at 10AM ET on October 12th, just before Microsoft’s Ignite conference begins.

Microsoft’s invite to the event includes a wallpaper-like image with watercolors and “save the date” written by what is likely a Surface Pen. The invite comes just hours after rumors of Surface Pro 9 and Surface Laptop 5 devices emerged. Microsoft is reportedly planning to offer a Surface Pro 9 with the option of Arm or Intel processors, potentially meaning the end of the Surface Pro X line.

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A refresh for the Surface Laptop line also looks likely, with rumors of a Surface Laptop 5 on the way. Microsoft is also expected to introduce new green and light blue colors for the Surface Pro 9.

Microsoft hasn’t held an in-person Surface event since the pandemic, and it looks like this event will also be online-only. It will be held just hours before Microsoft kicks off its Ignite conference in Seattle, where it will be hosting its first big in-person event since the pandemic began.

Stay tuned to The Verge on October 12th, as we’ll be covering all of Microsoft’s Surface announcements live as they happen.


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