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Microsoft Edge’s secret offline game is getting better

Like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge also comes with an offline game called “surf”, which is based on retro PC game SkiFree. The browser’s secret “Surf” game can be accessed via edge://surf/ in all channels (Stable, Beta, Dev and Canary).

Microsoft Edge Surf game comes with three modes: classic, a time trial and slalom. The classic mode lets surf through the waves endlessly, but you can lose the game if you can’t Dodge the obstacles.

On the other hand, the second mode “time trial” requires you to reach the end as quality as possible while avoiding obstacles and slalom mode requires, players to zig-zag through the game. To improve the built-in gaming experience, Microsoft Edge is now getting support for new obstacles.

In Edge Canary (edge://surf), you can now see new obstacles after updating to the most recent version of the browser. In addition to new obstacles, Microsoft is introducing a new character selection menu to help players discover and select their preferred characters easily.

If that’s not enough fun, Microsoft is even going to update the game with an easy way to share your results with friends who use Chromium Edge. Likewise, there are many bug fixes and other improvements in this update for Edge Surf.

As for the news about other features coming to the browser, Microsoft is planning to update its Immersive Reader in Edge. For those unaware, Immersive Reader mode is a feature that removes non-essential page elements like sidebar and formatting to make it easier to focus on the webpage, and it was recently updated with support for Wikipedia mode in Edge 91.

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Later this year, Microsoft Edge Immersive Reader is getting support for three new fonts – Calibri, Sitka, and Comic Sans. In Edge Dev/Canary, can already switch between these three fonts to improve legibility and accessibility.

For those who prefer to read pages like Wikipedia in Immersive Reader, Microsoft is also testing a feature called “Auto Immersive Reader”, which could be enabled to automatically render pages in immersive reader mode. At the moment, it’s unclear if all or select website’s pages will load in the browser’s automatic reading mode.

In addition to these quality improvements, Microsoft is also working on significant improvements for Edge font rendering on Windows 10.