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Microsoft Office 2021 Will Launch With Windows 11

Microsoft is at the top of the headlines right now with a slew of new products coming out; chief among them is Windows 11. The company just announced the next upgrade to the Microsoft Office suite, Microsoft Office 2021, in a recent blog post. This upgrade will officially launch on October 5th along with Windows 11.

In Microsoft Office 2021, some neat features will be coming to Word

Microsoft Office Word 2021 will be getting the co-author feature.  This is where more than one person can simultaneously edit a document. If that sounds familiar, it’s a popular feature in Googe Docs.  Word will also notify other users when a document has been edited.

PowerPoint will also be getting some goodies

What’s perhaps one of the more interesting feature coming to PowerPoint is the ability to record presentations. While it’s possible to download a screen recorder, PowerPoint will be able to record natively. What’s neat about this feature is that you can also record your voice narration.

You can start recording from any slide, record pen and pencil strokes, and delete recordings to suit your liking. When you’re done, you can either save the presentation as a video or save it as a PowerPoint file. Other people who open the file will be able to see the recorded presentation.

There are changes coming to Microsoft Teams and Outlook

A lot of businesses are still subjected to video-call meetings, and Microsoft seems to be acknowledging this. Microsoft Teams, the company’s video-chat platform, is now being included in both Microsoft Office 2021 and Office 365. It’s usually installed in Windows automatically, but Microsoft wants to include it in the office suites.

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As for Outlook, it’s getting a new translation feature. Emails sent and received will be translated into 1 of 70 different languages. Along with that, users will be able to annotate and draw on attached images.

Microsoft Office 2021 will start fairly cheap

Microsoft Office has always been locked behind a paywall, and that hasn’t changed. While most people are turned off by the price, Microsoft Office is still an industry-standard suite of programs. (Here’s is the full list of features coming to Microsoft Office 2021).

If you want to pick up a copy of the suite, you can get the Home and Student edition for $150. That’s a fair price for what you’re getting: Word, PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, and Teams. If you want a bit more than that, the Home and Business edition will have all of those with the addition of Outlook and the ability to utilize the apps for commercial use.

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