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Microsoft Teams is down

Microsoft Teams is currently down worldwide. Microsoft says it’s attempting to bring the service back online after “a recent change to an authentication system” took some Microsoft 365 services down. “We’re rolling back the update to mitigate impact,” says Microsoft’s 365 status account, but the roll back is “taking longer than expected.”

The issues started around 3:30PM ET, and Microsoft quickly confirmed they are affecting users worldwide. This is the first major Microsoft Teams outage since the service went down back in September, alongside other Microsoft 365 services like Office 365 and Outlook. Microsoft also blamed its previous outage on a configuration change.

Azure Active Directory also appears to be experiencing issues as part of this outage, and Microsoft’s Xbox prepaid codes aren’t working right now, either.

Microsoft now has 115 million people using its Microsoft Teams communications app every day. The service has grown rapidly during the pandemic, as students and businesses moved online for remote working and learning. As a result, a worldwide outage like this will now affect millions of people trying to use Microsoft Teams to communicate with co-workers, teachers, or fellow students.

Update, March 15th 4:50PM ET: Article updated with latest information from Microsoft.

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