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Microsoft: Xbox Series X and S unpacked

Last updated on March 9, 2021

Now the small Xbox Series S has arrived at The video shows the contents of the packaging and the proportions.

Xbox Series S with gamepad (Image: Steinlechner)

You can find it a bit strange: The console manufacturers advertise their upcoming high-tech hardware with elaborate graphics. But their cases are kept in simple black and white, instead of showing at least a bit of color on the outside.

In addition to the Playstation 5, received the two Xbox Series devices from the manufacturer in advance. We already showed the X in the video , now we could also unpack the smaller S.

The device is special in several ways: First, it is the only one of the new consoles that is still available on the day of publication.

Second, it is the first new console that appears alongside a top model at a lower price – but also offers less performance. We are excited to see how the Xbox Series X and S will establish themselves in the market in the long term and how the devices will hold their own in the test.

The package contents of the X and S are identical except for the consoles – however, there is a black controller with the X and a white controller with the S.

In both cases there is also a 1.50 meter long power cable and a 2 meter long HDMI 2.1 cable, both of which, by our impression, are of noticeably good quality.

Xbox Series S 512GB

A couple of batteries (AA / LR6) are also included – the new gamepad does not have a built-in rechargeable battery either. However, there is a so-called play-and-charge kit from Microsoft for around 30 euros, which replaces the batteries. Then the controller can be charged by cable similar to that of the Playstation 4/5.

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Tip: For the Xbox Series X and S, Microsoft is offering a new battery model that is currently not available from many retailers. The one from the One, however, is identical – except for the cable, which now requires USB-C instead of USB-A at the gamepad end (and unfortunately USB-A at the other end).

Xbox Series X and S will appear on November 10, 2020. The X costs around 500 euros, the drive-less and less powerful S is available for around 300 euros.

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