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More Galaxy A series devices get Samsung’s May 2023 update

Samsung‘s May 2023 update has reached a couple more Galaxy devices. The company is rolling out the latest security patch to the Galaxy A42 5G and Galaxy A20s. These two Galaxy A series models follow dozens of other devices, including Galaxy S series flagships, Galaxy Z series foldables, and more in receiving the May SMR (Security Maintenance Release).

The latest update for the Galaxy A42 5G is currently available in Europe. Samsung is widely rolling out the May SMR to the 2020 mid-range smartphone in the region. The new firmware build number for the device is A426BXXU5DWE1 (via). While the build number suggests more than just a security patch, Samsung’s official changelog doesn’t mention anything else. Maybe there are some system optimizations hidden here, but don’t expect any new features.

The Galaxy A42 5G may or may not receive the May SMR in other regions. That’s because the device is only eligible for biannual security updates (two updates in a year), so Samsung may skip this release in some markets. It could push one of the future security releases to the phone in other markets, such as the US. The handset will receive security patches at least until the end of 2024. November 2024, to be precise.

Interestingly, the Galaxy A42 5G is still running Android 12 in Europe and most parts of Asia where it was sold. It has already picked up Android 13 in most other regions, including the US, Samsung’s home country South Korea, and Hongkong. The handset debuted with Android 10 and isn’t eligible for Android 14. We will let you know if and when Android 13 rolls out to Galaxy A42 5G users in the remaining markets.

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The Galaxy A20s is also getting Samsung’s May update

The Galaxy A20s is another Samsung phone that is now receiving the latest security patch. The Korean firm has begun the rollout in select Asian countries, namely India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Nepal. The device is picking up the firmware build number A207FXXS5CWE1 with this update. This device is also only eligible for biannual security updates, so there’s no guarantee that users in other regions will get the May SMR.

This update doesn’t bring anything notable to the Galaxy A42 5G and Galaxy A20s but fixes some series security issues. Samsung revealed earlier this month that the May SMR patches at least six critical flaws across the Galaxy lineup. It also patches more than 50 high-severity flaws and a few less severe ones. In total, this month’s security patch contains more than 70 fixes, around 20 of which are Galaxy-specific.

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