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More people are pre-ordering the iPhone 15 compared to iPhone 14

Apple opened pre-orders for the iPhone 15 on Friday, and it saw some pretty big demand for all of the models. Which was pretty evident by the fact that the website was almost impossible to use. And the fact that the iPhone 15 Pro Max is now shipping in November.

Now, according to Wedbush, the analytics firm says that it is seeing 10-12% more pre-orders for this years iPhone 15 lineup than it did in the same period last year. Now, of course, Apple won’t say how good or bad pre-orders have been. In fact, Apple doesn’t even mention the number of iPhones it has sold in its quarterly earnings anymore. So companies like Wedbush have to use a number of methods to estimate these numbers.

On top of selling more units, Wedbush says that the average sale price for the iPhone 15 should be around $925. That’s about $100 more than it was in the previous 12-15 months. This is mostly because of the move to the Pro and Pro Max models this year. Wedbush says that the Pro Max is seeing the most of the demand here. So seeing an average selling price of $925 is not a big surprise, but still kind of low if the Pro’s are the biggest sellers.

Lots of good news for Apple

Despite many saying that the iPhone looks the same as the last one, or even the last five, there’s still plenty of excitement for the new iPhone. While the design didn’t change a lot, there were some design changes like the move to titanium on the Pros. There’s a lot of other smaller upgrades in the new iPhone. Like the new tetra-prism camera on the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

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Additionally, there’s the new A17 Pro chipset, which is Apple’s first 3nm chipset. It’s said to be a big performance jump, and hopefully a big jump in battery efficiency too. After how bad the 14 series was with battery health.

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