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Nemeio: Keyboard with customizable e-paper display comes

Last updated on March 9, 2021

The Nemeio is an unusual keyboard . It can, for example, change its key symbols and use macros – depending on the active application.

The Nemeio shows various symbols on the e-paper display. (Image: Nemeio )

A few years ago, the French development team behind Nemeio had already shown the unusual keyboard. In a few days the product will be launched on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform . Nemeio is a keyboard without a number pad, the 81 different key labels of which can be adjusted manually. So standard Ascii characters or other symbols can be displayed on it. This is made possible by an e-paper display that is attached under the transparent key caps.

The gadget magazine Liliputing was able to look at the early prototype of the Nemeio. “The keys felt too soft and the key travel didn’t feel quite right,” writes editor Brad Linder. However, the new product images make it clear that the French have been working on it since then.

Nemeio can either be assigned layouts for different languages – for example with the Qwertz commonly used in Germany or the Qwerty used in the USA – or various macros can be saved. The associated software can assign different key layouts and assignments to different programs.

The keyboard is connected to a PC or mobile device (Android / iOS) using a USB-C cable or a Bluetooth module. The battery life in wireless operation should be 20 hours, which is very little for Bluetooth.

Nemeio keyboard (Image: Nemeio)

Interested parties can subscribe to the keyboard’s newsletter in advance. You will then be notified when the Kickstarter campaign starts. The original purchase price, however, is not exactly cheap: The keyboard should cost 400 euros. Early bird discounts are intended to reduce this price by 50 percent, which initially suggests costs of 200 euros. The campaign is scheduled to start on November 9th.

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