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Nest Hub Devices Affected By A ‘No Sound’ Issue, Google Achnowledges

Google’s Nest Hub devices are experiencing an issue with audio output (sound) for some users. The smart display reportedly won’t output any audio, no matter the source. Even the system sounds, such as volume up/down sounds, are not working. The bug persists even when the volume settings have been adjusted.

Since the start of last month, several Nest Hub owners have taken to the official Google Nest support forum to report this issue. Most of the users claim that they started noticing the issue in January. One of the users says the issue existed for them out of the box. They purchased the Google Nest Hub in January this year.

Some of the affected users suspect that a software update pushed around November/December last year could have introduced this bug. This speculation is supported by the fact almost all of the affected Nest Hub devices seemingly run the same system and Cast software versions.

However, the issue still appears to be somewhat random. For users who own multiple Nest Hub devices running the same system and Cast firmware versions, not all of them are experiencing this “no sound” issue.

Rebooting the device temporarily fixes the issue, Google working on a permanent fix

We primarily interact with the Google Nest Hub over voice and the device also responds to questions through display and sound. So this is a really frustrating bug that pretty much renders the device useless. Thankfully, there’s seemingly a temporary workaround for the issue.

Most of the affected users say that a mere reboot (or unplug/replug) is enough to get the audio working again. It might take multiple attempts at times, but it mostly works. However, it may not be long before the sound stops working again. So while rebooting solves the problem in the short term, it’s of course not a permanent solution.

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On that note, a Community Specialist has confirmed that Google’s Nest Hub team is aware of the issue and is investigating the cause. So a permanent fix should be on the way soon, although the company has yet to share a timeline regarding that.

In the meantime, Google is asking the affected users to send a bug report. To do that, you simply have to say “Hey Google, Send Feedback” and follow it up with your message using the keywords “GHT3 Nest display no sound”. Also, make sure to provide the firmware version of your Google Nest Hub. We will let you when Google starts rolling out a fix.

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