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New Android trojan wants to get access to your bank accounts

A new banking trojan has surfaced, and this one will try to get access to your bank accounts as well. All banking trojans have the same purpose, but different ways of achieving their goals.

New Android trojan will try to get access to your bank accounts

This particular one is called ‘Nexus’, and it first surfaced in January 2023. Back then it popped up on forums, and was described as “very new” project that will be continuously developed. It did cost $3,000 per month back then, according to a report.

Well, an Italian cybersecurity company called ‘Cleafy’ now shared some new info. That company claims that this trojan has been around since June 2022. It also shares some of its code with a banking trojan that surfaced in mid-2021.

One thing to note is that users are prohibited from using ‘Nexus’ in Russia and other CIS states, it is reported. This is a part of the MaaS’ code of conduct. So, the malware will ignore Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, the Russian Federation, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, and Indonesia.

Its goal is to steal your banking info, and gain access to your bank accounts

Alright, so, how exactly does it work? Well, its goal is to steal passwords from your banking apps, of course. And no, having two-factor authentication may not be able to help you either. Why? Well, because it can access SMS and Google Authenticator codes in some cases, thanks to accessibility features.

Once this malware manages to find its way onto your device, it connects to a C2 server, and provides a C2 web panel for cybercriminals. We’ve seen similar approaches before.

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Now, as we usually do, we always suggest that you be careful when installing apps, and accessing fishy websites. Also, be careful when giving permissions to apps you’re not familiar with, apps that you don’t trust.

Viruses usually need access to various permissions in order to do major damage to your device. So, be careful, and also stick to official app stores if possible.

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