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New Google Families Site Helps You Get Along With Tech As Parents

Google has now launched a new site called Families that will help parents navigate the ins-and-outs of guiding their kids through technology. The site, recently reported by Android Police, accomplishes that by acting as a central resource hub. So it isn’t out to provide new oversight or controls. And anyway, that’s a piece of the puzzle that’s already managed well enough by Google’s Family Link.

Instead, Google Families aims to provide helpful tips, information, and more when it comes to raising kids in a world where they’ll be surrounded by technology. And by everything that goes along with that.

What does the Google Families site have to offer for parents?

The site itself is easy enough to find with an easy-to-remember URL. And it’s absolutely jam-packed with resources. For instance, it discusses a range of well-organized topics from how much screen time a child should have to when to buy a phone for a younger user. It also details information about parental controls that are available, how best to approach using those, and how to help kids have fun learning using technology.

Of course, that’s all in addition to guides Google included for helping families have fun together using technology. And on top of that, it’s got tools and resources to help parents and other visitors to the site in other ways. Such as with regard to maintaining digital wellbeing and online safety.

In terms of the resources behind the site, nobody necessarily needs to just take Google’s word for it either. Instead, the resources are all pooled from well-respected online organizations. That includes partners such as PBS KIDS, Sesame Workshop, Common Sense Media, ConnectSafely, Family Online Safety Institute, and others.

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YouTube and YouTube Kids are in on this as well

Google is also bringing in YouTube for its new goal on the family safety and education front. Namely, by partnering up with the meditation app Headspace.

A new Headspace Breathers series will be debuting weekly on YouTube and YouTube Kids. That will be geared toward similarly helpful information for parents and kids alike. For instance, the first upload in the series is dubbed “Balancing Your Child’s Emotions.” The episode aims to promote and teach mindfulness and, as its title says, emotion management.

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