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New Google Search Bubble Mysteriously Appears

It’s always neat when a new feature suddenly appears on your phone. A new Google search bubble has just popped up on my LG velvet, and it seems like a pretty useful tool.

What does a Google search bubble do?

Google has pretty much implemented search throughout the entirety of Android. This makes it extremely easy to search up anything on your phone with a minimum of taps. However, that doesn’t mean that the company can’t implement Google search even more into the software.

A new Google search bubble just mysteriously appeared on my LG velvet. It popped up after doing a Google search and has the ability to stick around on the software. It’s a simple tool that sticks to the side of the screen, and it gives you even quicker access to Google search.

There are two parts to the bubble. The first part quickly brings you to the Google search app, and the second part instantly accesses Google Assistant. It’s a really low-profile bubble that becomes transparent to blend into the background.

When you don’t use the bubble for a while, it disappears automatically; however, it pops up again once you access the Google search app. If you want to get rid of it, you have two options. You can completely disable it, or you can disable that temporarily.

So far, this only seems to be on my LG velvet.

This feature truly did come out of nowhere, and I have not been able to replicate it on any other device that I have. It’s kind of ironic, seeing as LG phones are no longer supported. What makes this even weirder is the fact that it’s not even on my Pixel 6. This may be a feature that accidentally slipped through, or is in production.

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The Google search bubble comes through the Google app, so it’s not intrinsic to LG’s software. When looking through the Google app settings, this search bubble is labeled under ‘miscellaneous.’ There’s really no telling where the feature came from, if it will remain, or if it’s on other devices.

In Other Google News: Assistant’s ‘Continued Conversation’ feature is having issues on Pixel devices.

Continued Conversation mode allows Google Assistant to continuously take commands without shutting off. This makes it feel like you’re having a natural conversation with the assistant. There are some issues, however, with this feature on certain pixel devices. Instead of taking more commands, the Assistant is shutting off after the first one.

This feature is compatible with the Pixel 4 and newer, but even the Pixel 6 phones are having trouble with this bug. Google hasn’t addressed this issue as of yet.

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