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New Mid-Range Qualcomm Chipsets Could Support 144Hz Displays

Qualcomm may launch a bunch of mid-range Snapdragon chipsets in the coming months. The chipmaking giant reportedly has two different processors with multiple variants in development. Both SoCs are part of the Snapdragon 600 series, with part numbers SM6375 and SM6225, German publication WinFuture reports. According to the report, the former has four variants with the same base but different CPU and GPU clock speeds. Information about the latter is scarce at the moment.

Qualcomm SM6375

This upcoming octa-core Qualcomm chipset has four Gold and four Silver CPU cores, but with different clock speeds on different variants. The lowest-end model has its Gold cores clocked at 2.1GHz, while the Silver cores operate at 1.8GHz. We then have a variant with clock speeds of 2.2GHz and 2.0GHz for Gold and Silver CPU cores respectively.

Another variant has its Gold cores running at a maximum frequency of 2.3GHz, while the Silver cores top up at 2.1GHz. Lastly, we have the highest-end variant with the Gold CPU cores clocked at 2.5GHz and Silver cores at 2.2GHz. The frequency range of the GPU also reportedly varies depending on the model. It fluctuates between 800MHz and 940 or 960MHz, the report says.

One or all of the Qualcomm SM6375 variants reportedly support 144Hz display panels. This suggests Qualcomm is aiming the chipset at lower-cost gaming phones. The company developing higher-clocked variants of the same processor further suggests so.

We don’t yet have a name for this chipset though. Based on the part number, it could arrive as the Snapdragon 695, with the gaming version being called the Snapdragon 695G. For reference, the Snapdragon 690 launched last year has the part number SM6350.

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Qualcomm SM6225

As said earlier, there’s not much information available about this upcoming Snapdragon processor at the moment. The part number suggests it to be much humbler than the SM6375. Perhaps it will arrive as the successor to the Snapdragon 665 announced more than two years ago, with part number SM6125.

The Qualcomm SM6225 is reportedly being tested with 6GB of RAM and 128 GB of UFS 2.2 flash storage. Display specs used in testing include a 90Hz refresh rate and Full HD+ resolution. By the looks of it, this chipset will be a base model in the Snapdragon 600 series

However, the report suggests that it has some similarities with the upper-mid-range offering Snapdragon 765. Perhaps Qualcomm is looking to bring some premium features to its lower-end SoC lineup as well, such as an integrated 5G modem.

The new report claims that this information was last updated two months ago. So things may have reached a much-advanced stage by now. We expect to hear more about these upcoming Qualcomm mid-ranges processors in the coming months.

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