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NFL Collaborates With Nifty Games For NFL Clash

What’s better than sports and mobile games? A new app from Nifty Games, NFL Clash, has just launched for iOS and Android. This game is a collaborative effort between the NFL, the NFLPA (National Football League Players Association), and Nifty Games. It’s a new mobile football game where you build up a team and battle it out on the field.

Nifty Games NFL Clash has you leveling up your favorite Football stars

This game’s most attractive feature is the ability to collect and play with your favorite NFL players. There are over 120 players that you can choose from right now, and there will be more added on later. Right now, the roster includes Josh Allen, Kyler Murray, Ezekiel Elliot, Shaquon Barkley, Christian McCaffery, Tyreek Hill, and Devante Adams.

You’ll earn characters by collecting character cards. These cards can be collected from boxes that you open as you play. You’ll also use those cards to upgrade the characters that you’ve collected. There’s no getting around the fact that you might have to pay for better boxes, and more popular players might be harder to get.

Each player has four different stats that you upgrade. These are catch, agility, strength, and deception. Different players will undoubtedly have different stats.

There are multiple stadiums and multiplayer gameplay

NFL clash has several different stadiums to play in, which keeps the gameplay from getting stagnant. You’ll have your choice of different stadiums, and they’ll all be decorated to represent the different teams.

Now, let’s talk about the actual clashing in the game. You have the option to play head-to-head with other teams in real-time 1v1 combat. However, if you want to build up some skill before you hit the grass, there’s a special practice mode available.

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The gameplay should be pretty nuanced

Nifty Games is really going for authenticity and nuance with NFL Clash. Instead of just tapping and hoping for the best, you will be using actual football tactics and plays. You’ll need to use real strategy to make the touchdowns.

Players will also have special abilities by position, unit-specific moves for offense and defense, special teams, and pre-snap player movements. You’ll need to think about which players go where, just like in real football.

Mobile versions of real-life pastimes are on the rise. A good example is the rise of mobile casinos; NFL Clash is no different. If you’re interested, this game is free to play, and it’s available today to download for Android and iOS.

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