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No, the Galaxy S23 FE isn’t coming before new Samsung foldables

You may have recently come across a rumor that Samsung is planning to launch the Galaxy S23 FE early. Much, much early, to be precise. The rumor hinted at a July/August release of the device. The source specifically mentioned that the Galaxy S23 FE will arrive before Samsung’s next-gen foldables, at least in some markets. But that isn’t happening. Here’s how the story unfolded over the past few hours.

This rumor was passed along on Twitter by noted tipster @Tech_Reve. They said that Samsung is considering releasing the Galaxy S23 FE early because of poor Galaxy S23 sales. While the latest flagships have sold better than their predecessors, the sales volume is reportedly far below what the company projected. An early release of the new FE model would have helped it boost profit in the third quarter of the year.

But, the Galaxy S23 FE won’t launch so early

A July/August release of the Galaxy S23 FE seemed unlikely because of how things have developed in recent months. From whatever we have heard about the device so far, it appears slated to come in late 2023.

Upcoming Samsung devices usually show up in leaked renders 2-3 months before their launch. The Galaxy Z Fold 5, Galaxy Z Flip 5, Galaxy Tab S9 Ua, and Galaxy Watch 6 Classic have all been leaked in renders in recent weeks. These devices will break cover during Samsung’s next Galaxy Unpacked event, which may take place at the end of July.

Even if we consider that Samsung has somehow managed to keep the Galaxy S23 FE under wraps so far, the lack of information about it is a strong indication that the phone is still far away.

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The likes of the Galaxy Tab S9, Galaxy Tab S9+, and Galaxy Watch 6, which will accompany the aforementioned devices at the Korean firm’s upcoming Unpacked event, haven’t yet appeared in renders. But we do know a lot about them. Rumors about the Galaxy S23 FE, on the other hand, have been few and far between.

Unsurprisingly, another reputed tipster Max Jambor outright denied the possibility of the Galaxy S23 arriving before the new foldables. “No,” Max responded quoting the original tweet.

Shortly after that, @Tech_Reve tweeted to confirm that they were wrong. “Since mass production of the S23 FE is set to begin in August, it is physically impossible for it to be released earlier than the Fold/Flip models,” they said. So, yes, the Galaxy S23 FE isn’t arriving anytime soon. It may be in the pipeline, but Samsung probably won’t unveil it before the fourth quarter of the year. 

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