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Nothing Gives Us Another Teaser Of Its Phone(1)

We’re close to finally seeing what the Nothing Phone(1) is going to look like. The company felt it was appropriate to give us just a sample of the phone’s design yesterday. Well, Nothing is back at it with another teaser for the Phone(1). This one is just as tastefully (and frustratingly) vague as the last one.

This teaser, just like the last one, shows us just a bit of the phone itself. While it appears to be lacking in details, you can glean some useful information upon closer examination.

We have another Nothing Phone(1) teaser, so what can we see?

This time around, we see yet another parrot dominating the shot. On the far right of the screen, there’s a sliver of the phone itself. We see the right edge of the phone with some more of the backplate visible. Right behind the bird’s beak, there’s what looks like the power button.

Turning to the backplate, up top, that could very well be the bottom of the camera package. Under that, we see a screw and the antenna line right next to it.

This teaser coupled with the last one really shows that Nothing is going for a more eccentric design. Based on both teasers, we see several different textures of backplates for the phone. Most modern phones have one unified texture. Phones with two textures stand out, but the Nothing Phone(1) looks to have at least three. It looks like the company could be overdoing it just a bit, but we’ll just have to see.

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So, the Nothing(1) will strive to be different from the competition, and that’s evident from the mish-mash of different materials for the back panel. Right now, we’re not seeing too much that will differentiate this phone from the Android phones and iPhones of the world. We’re going to have to wait until the phone launches in order to know for sure.

The Nothing Phone(1) will officially see the light of day on July 12th, so you’ll need to mark your calendar if you’re excited about this phone.

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