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One iPhone 15 model is lagging behind in terms of demand

Based on the latest information from Ming-Chi Kuo, a well-known analyst, one iPhone 15 model is lagging behind in terms of demand. The pre-orders started a couple of days ago, on Friday, and some info is already available.

One iPhone 15 model is kind of lagging behind in terms of demand

Let’s get the most sought-after model first, shall we. It’s not difficult to guess, it’s the iPhone 15 Pro Max. That’s the only phone that has the new 5x tetraprism lens, and high demand for it was expected. The analyst also added that the demand for the phone tops the iPhone 14 Pro Max demand last year.

What about the vanilla iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus models? Well, the demand for those two models seems to be quite similar to last year. That is also not that surprising, even though many would say they represent a considerable bump in some ways.

That leaves us with the iPhone 15 Pro. Yes, that’s the model that is lagging behind. It seems like the demand is down compared to last year’s pre-orders. Why? Well, mainly because of the iPhone 15 Pro Max.

The iPhone 15 Pro & Pro Max are more different than their predecessors were

Apple decided to separate the two phones in terms of what they offer. Last year they were the same, apart from the size (body, display and battery), this time around, the camera makes the difference. Only the ‘Pro Max’ model has that 5x tetraprism lens, the iPhone 15 Pro has a regular 3x telephoto unit.

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Kuo also added that Apple ran into some production challenges, which leads to longer wait times for the Pro Max model. So, the demand itself is not the (only) culprit for the longer wait times.

As a reminder, both iPhone 16 Pro models next year are said to include a 5x tetraprism lens. So, if that’s something you want/need on the smaller model, you’d be wise to wait until next year.

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