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OnePlus Nord Android 11 Update Pulled Due To Various Problems

A stable Android 11 update started rolling out to the OnePlus Nord recently, but it has now been pulled due to various problems. That update turned out not to be so stable after all. Both performance and stability issues have been stated.

Android 11 for the OnePlus Nord has been pulled due to a number of problems

This information comes from a OnePlus Community Consultant, dsmonteiro, who said the update has been “temporarily paused to ensure a smooth user experience, due to some bugs that have been detected”.

He did not mention what bugs are in question, but various users in the forums did. OnePlus Nord users have reported issues such as increased battery drain, slow charge speed, while the OxygenOS’ App Locker feature also seems to be broken. Some users were not able to access locked apps after an update.

Some users say that they’re experiencing considerably laggy performance, and are unable to open some photos in the Gallery app. XDA spotted another issue, an issue that adds parallel apps to the app drawer while using a third-party launcher.

The company is investigating the issue as we speak

Those are quite a few issues, and the company is currently investigating an issue. The update has been paused, for now, until these issues get fixed. Let’s hope that will happen soon, as users have been waiting for this update for quite some time.

This update started rolling out to the OnePlus Nord users at the beginning of March, on March 1. If you’ve already updated, you can try rolling back to Android 10, or installing the latest beta build. That will be too much of a hassle for most users, though, so the best idea for most of you may be to wait. Let’s hope OnePlus will sort this out soon.

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Android 11 did bring a lot of improvements and good features to the device, though unfortunately, quite a few issues crawled in as well. The OnePlus 7 and 7T series users are still waiting for their stable update.

OnePlus is expected to deliver a stable update to those devices as well, really soon. Chances are it will launch by the end of this month.

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