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OnePlus Store App Launches In North America; OnePlus 9 Deals Included

The OnePlus Store app is now available in the US and Canada, as it arrived to North America. The arrival of this app will make it easier for you to buy OnePlus products from your smartphone. The app will also provide some exclusive deals to consumers in the US and Canada.

The OnePlus Store app is now available in North America

If you install the application, some OnePlus 9 deals should be waiting for you inside, reports XDA. The app will also support something called “OnePlus Club”, which is a new rewards program.

OnePlus Club will reward your loyalty, essentially, as it will allow you to get points for purchasing OnePlus products, devices, and great through the company’s official store.

This application has been in beta testing for a while now. The app has also been available in India for a while now, in a stable form. It took OnePlus quite some time to bring it over to North America. And no, European users still cannot use this app. That may change soon, though.

This app’s design is simple and minimal

The app’s design is quite simple and minimal. If you take a look at the screenshots provided below, you’ll see what you can expect. There are four different tabs at the bottom, allowing you to access different parts of the app, including the home screen, your profile, and so on.

At the top of the display, you’ll notice several tabs as well, including the ‘Recommended’ tab, ‘Phone’ tab, ‘Offers’ tab, and so on. The ‘Offers’ tab is especially interesting, as you’ll be able to see various offers for you there.

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You can, of course, browse what’s on offer here when it comes to OnePlus products. This app is basically a mobile version of OnePlus’ web store that you can access through your browser, with some perks, of course.

This app comes just in time for the OnePlus 9 series launch, probably on purpose. The OnePlus 9 series will become official on March 23. The company has been teasing the devices heavily, while the arrival of the OnePlus Watch has also been confirmed.

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