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OnePlus Watch Confirmed To Launch Alongside The OnePlus 9 Series

OnePlus has basically confirmed that the OnePlus Watch is coming alongside its OnePlus 9 series smartphones. The company confirmed that via Twitter, as it shared a video teaser for the OnePlus Watch.

Now, this is more of a teaser, than a flat-out confirmation, but it’s pretty obvious what the company is teasing. This suggests that OnePlus’ smartwatch will be included in some capacity at the event, at the very least, though considering how many rumors we’ve seen, chances are the company will announce it.

OnePlus will launch several phones on March 23, and it just confirmed the OnePlus Watch is coming as well

March 23 will be an exciting day for OnePlus fans. Not only will the company announce several smartphones, including its OnePlus 9 flagships, but its very first smartwatch as well.

Now, not much is known about this smartwatch. Max Jambor, a well-known tipster, did share some details, though. He said that the watch will be round, and that it may not ship with Wear OS.

OnePlus did work with Google on improving Wear OS, but this watch may not ship with it pre-installed. That is not confirmed yet, as it would have much more sense for it to come pre-installed, we’ll see.

OPPO, OnePlus’ sister company, did release the OPPO Watch, which comes with Wear OS out of the box. So… logic would suggest that Wear OS will be pre-installed, but who knows, OnePlus may yet surprise us.

The watch will be made out of metal, and feature a round body

The watch itself will likely be made out of metal. It may come in several different variants, with different watch bands. This is something we’re only guessing, as such information did not leak just yet.

OnePlus did announce its very own fitness tracker a while back, but this will be its very first smartwatch. The company is expanding its ecosystem even further.

The main stars of the show on March 23 will be the company’s smartphones, though. The OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro are the upcoming flagships, but the OnePlus 9R may also launch as a mid-range smartphone. Read more in our OnePlus 9 series preview.

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