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Online payment platform: Ebay classifieds introduces a payment function for the first time

Last updated on March 9, 2021

The previous uncertainty when paying with eBay classified ads is massively reduced. But that costs a fee.

Up until now, it was not possible to secure payments. (Image: Ebay Classifieds)

The online market Ebay classifieds introduces a payment function. The company announced on October 29, 2020. For the secure payment function, the operator charges a fee depending on the agreed purchase price that the buyer has to pay. The operator has not yet specified the amount.

Sellers must send the item to the buyer insured with proof. So far, cash payments have been customary in the free eBay classifieds market when the goods are picked up at the seller's home. Shipping is often only offered on request. Anyone who orders used designer chairs from Detmold, for example, has to pay in advance and runs the risk that the goods will not be delivered. has always received its goods when purchasing via the platform.

On October 28, the consumer center in Hamburg warned of criminals who use scams to financially harm private sellers with transport costs. The seller is supposed to send forwarding costs to an alleged transport company abroad with Transferwise.

The new payment function is provided by the Dutch Online Payment Platform (OPP). It offers payment processing for platforms and marketplaces. The company, headquartered in Delft, was founded in 2012 and enables payments for around 170 platforms in Europe. Marktplaats, the Dutch sister portal of Ebay Classifieds, has been using OPP as a partner for payment processing and buyer protection since 2017.

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In addition to the classic transfer, instant transfer and payment by credit card are available as payment methods. There is no PayPal. The new function is initially only available in the categories toys, mobile phones & telephones as well as PCs and notebooks and is to be gradually expanded to other categories. At the start, only articles with an offer price of up to 1,000 euros can be insured.

The VISA card with 40 euros starting credit

Ebay had sold its online classifieds business to Norwegian competitor Adevinta for $ 9.2 billion in July 2020 . Automarkt also belongs to the Ebay Classifieds Group in Germany. Ebay finances the free classifieds for the user through Google Adsense advertising and paid additional offers such as better placement and highlighting.

Other brands of Ebay Classifieds include Kijiji, which operates in Canada and Italy – Kijiji is Swahili for village and is pronounced Ki ji dschi – and Gumtree, which operates in Australia, South Africa and the UK. Bilbasen and Dba are digital marketplaces in Denmark, Marktplaats offers classified ads in the Netherlands. In Belgium, Ebay operates the brands 2dehands and 2ememain. There is also the Vivanuncios platform in Mexico and the Alamaula classifieds market in Argentina.

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