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OPPO May Launch A Foldable Smartphone Sooner Than You Think

OPPO is one of the companies that will announce a foldable smartphone this year. That information came from a well-known analyst a couple of months ago. Well, OPPO may actually launch that foldable smartphone sooner than you think.

The very first OPPO foldable smartphone may launch sooner than you think

According to Digital Chat Station, a well-known tipster, OPPO’s foldable smartphone will launch in Q2 2021. That will become the company’s very first foldable smartphone, by the way.

Most rumors suggested that the device will arrive in the second half of the year, possibly towards the end of it. Well, if this information is to be believed, it will arrive earlier than that. It is expected to launch at some point between April and June.

We still do not have any specific information on the device, though. Its design did not leak, nor did its specifications. Some information is expected to appear before the device gets launched, though.

The company announced the world’s first rollable smartphone last year

Some of you may know that OPPO announced its first rollable smartphone last year, the OPPO X 2021. That device became the world’s first rollable, basically, as it’s a functioning device. Unfortunately, though, it’s not available, and won’t become available anytime soon.

OPPO announced that device as a concept, basically. Well, this foldable smartphone won’t see the same fate. This device will get announced, and become available like any other smartphone.

We’re not sure if the company will aim to offer high-end specs with it, though if we had to guess, we’d say it will. That device will be quite pricey either way, so we’re expecting high-end specs.

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It will be interesting to see what design will OPPO utilize. Will it go after something like the Galaxy Z Fold 2, or the Galaxy Z Flip. Alternatively. It could make an outwards-folding phone, who knows.

OPPO did patent quite a few foldable smartphone designs, so there’s plenty to choose from. More information is expected to surface soon.

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