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Perfect Dark: Secret agent in ecological mission

Last updated on March 9, 2021

The early Perfect Dark were a replacement for James Bond, now Microsoft announces a restart of the series around spy Joanna Dark.

Artwork by Perfect Dark
(Picture: Microsoft)

The Microsoft owned developer studio The Initiative from Santa Monica, California has announced its first game Perfect Dark. For those who can’t quite place this title: The first Perfect Dark was a kind of unofficial successor to the classic Golden Eye 007, an action game released in 2000 for the Nintendo N64.

It was created by the english developer studio Rare, which was bought by Microsoft in 2002 – and with it the trademark rights of Perfect Dark.

In the series, James Bond is replaced by a secret agent named Joana Dark, who will also be the main character in the upcoming series.

The new Perfect Dark is set in the near future, the plot revolves around the great ecological disaster and its effects on mankind. The trailer shows that the players are on missions with Joanna in several locations around the globe; this has not been officially confirmed.

The developers say that while Perfect Dark is all about action and firefights, the use and proper use of extras is also important. No details are given yet, but fans of James Bond should have some idea of the right way to go about it.

Players apparently compete in an action-driven campaign. Besides environmental pollution, the campaign also has the fight against overpowering corporations as its theme.

Microsoft has not yet announced a release date for Perfect Dark Probably at least one or two years will pass until the program will be released.

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A start on Xbox Series X/S and Windows PC is considered safe, even in the game subscription Xbox Game Pass is probably included. With the availability on Xbox One, we do not expect rather.

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