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Pixel 7 Pro Benchmark Reveals Tensor G2 SoC Secrets

The Google Pixel 7 series is coming, and the ‘Pro’ model just appeared in a benchmark. This benchmark is quite interesting for one reason, the Tensor G2 SoC.

This benchmark has been dug up by a developer called Kuba Wojciechowski. He also found some code that relates to this SoC, and the two, in collaboration, kind of reveal the setup we can expect.

The Pixel 7 Pro benchmark reveals the Tensor G2 will use the same cores as the original

It seems like the Tensor G2 will use the same cores as the original Tensor chip. As a reminder, the Google Tensor used two cores for handling foreground processing, two medium cores, and four small cores. That is a considerably different setup than what Snapdragon and Exynos chips use.

The company actually chose older ARM Cortex-A76s for medium cores, even though the A78 core was available at the time. We’ve expected a bump with the Tensor G2, but it seems like that won’t happen.

The Tensor G2 will have two ARM Cortex-X1 cores, two A76 cores, and four A55 cores. The Tensor G2 managed to score a 10-percent higher multi-core score than the Pixel 6 Pro on Geekbench.

The Tensor G2 will be based on a 4nm process and use a new GPU

This does suggest slightly better performance, but not what we expected. The Tensor G2 is probably based on a 4nm process, which should make it more powerful and more efficient at the same time, hence the better score on Geekbench.

These similarities, between the two SoC, may be a bit surprising, but this is Google we’re talking about. The company is still using the same camera sensor it used in the Pixel 2. That camera sensor is still in the Pixel 6a, and the phone offers excellent camera performance.

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So, it’s not surprising Google decided to stick with a similar SoC setup. The Google Tensor works great inside the Pixel 6 series, and we have no reason to doubt its successor, at least not yet.

What the developer was also able to find out is that Google plans to utilize the Mali-G710 GPU here. So, that’s new. That GPU will offer 20-percent faster performance, and 20-percent more power efficient than the Mali-G78 GPU. Also, it should offer a 35-percent machine learning boost.

The Pixel 7 series is also said to include the Samsung-made S5300 modem which will be included on this chip, and that will, hopefully, boost the connectivity on the Pixel 7 series. We all know the struggles the Pixel 6 series had.

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