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Pixel Phones Plagued With Wireless Charging Issue After March Update

Well, it seems like the latest Google Pixel March 2021 security update brought an issue along with it. Reportedly, Pixel users are facing a wireless charging issue after updating with the latest March security patch.

Multiple users have taken to different sources, including the official Google support forum and Reddit to report that the last Android security update brought in a bug with it.

Although the March update fixes a previous battery indicator bug, it triggered a new issue on Pixel devices. Which looks like is far worse than the battery indicator bug.

Pixel owners have reported that they cannot charge their phones using a third-party wireless charger. Notably, when using a third-party charger, the message “align phone to charge” keeps popping up.

And even after properly aligning the phone, the phone does not charge up. Apparently, users have tried to reboot their devices or completely reinstall the software via the factory resetting option, but in vain.

So, this means that users should not try rebooting or factory resetting their devices, as clearly that doesn’t produce a positive outcome. By the looks of it, it seems to be a major issue, which needs immediate attention from Google.

Downgrading to the February security patch seems to be the only option, for now

Pixel owners have tried all the other options, but with no positive outcomes. Good thing is that there is at least a temporary fix available for this issue.

The solution is to downgrade to February 2021 security patch. It has been confirmed by several users that downgrading to the February update does fix the wireless charging issue via third-party chargers.

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Besides, this also hints at one crucial thing. That is, the issue could be very well from the software side and is caused only after the latest March 2021 update.

However, none of the other functionalities of the Google Pixel devices have been hampered by the March update. It only stops wirelessly charging via third-party chargers.

There are some reports that claim that the wireless chargers do work with Pixel devices when the phone is switched off. Looking at the severity of the issue, Google needs to address it as soon as possible.

For the time being, all you can do is charge your phone using a wired adapter or try switching off your phone and do wireless charging. In the meantime, all we can do is hope Google addresses this Pixel wireless charging issue sooner than later.

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