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Pixel Watch 2 said to have skin temperature sensor

The Google Pixel Watch 2 is said to have a skin temperature sensor among a handful of other upgrades revolving around health and safety. Including new personal safety features, an EDA sensor, and a reintroduction of translation features.

For the translation features, users will reportedly be able to translate conversations using the interpreter mode from Google Assistant. Translations happen directly on the watch and those are played out loud. Users can set up a default language and then a second language to translate to and from. Making this a perfect tool to have on trips. The feature is said to be live already on the Pixel Watch. Plus Google apparently has plans to launch it on Wear OS as part of the launch of the Pixel Watch 2. Although it isn’t clear which devices might get support.

New personal safety features are also on the way. This includes a new safety check feature that will alert your emergency contacts if you don’t respond to a safety verification following the expiration of a designated countdown. Additionally, the Pixel Watch 2 will be able to display core medical information if a crash is detected by your Pixel smartphone. The third new feature will allow you to share your location with emergency contacts.

Pixel watch 2 to get skin temperature and EDA sensors

Two of the new features coming to Google’s Pixel Watch 2 will be the skin temperature and EDA sensors. These are both sensors that were available on the Fitbit Sense 2, and are now making the jump to Google’s Pixel hardware. The EDA sensor will reportedly be intended to help users manage stress. As for the skin temperature sensor, it’s not mentioned what the exact use of this will be for. But on other devices it can and is used in relation to tracking menstrual cycles. It could also be used for helping you get a better picture of your overall sleep quality.

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For example, if the sensor tracks a higher temperature overnight, you could use that data to try and adjust how warm things get. Like using less blankets or perhaps turning on a fan. With the Pixel Watch 2, wearers will be able to get on-demand readings. So the skin temperature sensor could have multiple uses for wearers.

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