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Play Like A Champion With Corsair’s K70 RGB TKL Gaming Keyboard

Corsair today has announced a trio of new gaming products in its Champions series, including the K70 RGB TKL gaming keyboard. In addition to the K70 RGB TKL, Corsair has also announced the SABRE PRO gaming mouse, and the SABRE PRO RGB. Which is essentially the same but with RGB lighting on it.

Corsair is positioning these new peripherals as perfect for competitive players. And to that end has designed them with AXON Hyper-processing tech as well as an 8,000HZ polling rate. This should make the mice more accurate when gliding across the mouse mat. While the keyboard benefits from it by receiving much faster keystrokes.

Corsair says the keystrokes are up to 8x faster than competing gaming keyboards. And speed is definitely a factor in competitive-level gaming. Want to play like a champion? Then you might want to consider Corsair’s new peripherals. Because they may be able to help.

The Corsair K70 RGB TKL is build for portability

These days, competitive gaming like many things has been adapted to be more remote. But as things get back to normal, those who play at competitions or just at friendly LAN parties will probably need to take their keyboards with them.

The new K70 RGB TKL was built with portability in mind to help make travel and setup as easy as possible. You can detach and reattach the USB-C cable that connects it to the PC. And the frame is built with the same durable aluminum that Corsair uses on all of its keyboards.

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It’s also got wear-resistant keycaps to help make those keys last through all that activity. Corsair is giving users a choice of switch types, too. You can pick up the keyboard with Cherry MX Reds, or you can opt for the Silent Reds or Speed Silvers.

The keyboard even has a tournament-ready switch on the back that disables macros and locks the RGB lighting to a static color. The K70 RGB TKL retails for $139.99, and is already up for sale on both Amazon and Corsair’s own website.

The mice are a perfect pairing

Players that really want to kick things up a notch will want to think about getting one of these new mice, too. Designed to be the perfect pairing, or at least a really good pairing, with the keyboard.

They feature the same fast polling rate for super fast, accurate clicks, and they’re pretty lightweight so they’re easy to tote around and slide across surfaces during heated gameplay. Both mice also go on sale today through Amazon and Corsair. The SABRE RGB PRO retails for $59.99, and the SABRE PRO retails for $54.99.

K70 RGB TKL Gaming Keyboard

SABRE RGB PRO Gaming Mouse

SABRE PRO Gaming Mouse

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