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Poll: Are you happy with your wireless earphones’ battery life?

Credit: Lily Katz / Android Authority

Our devices could always use more battery life. The less time we spend charging our tech, the more time we can spend actually using it. Of course, you can still use a smartphone while it’s plugged in. For wireless earbuds and wireless headphones, that’s not always possible.

It’s understandable if you feel they’re lacking in this department. Although wireless earbuds have improved markedly in audio and build quality over the years, battery life is arguably still lacking. That’s an issue largely governed by their size.

Wireless headphones don’t always face this issue, but if you stay connected to them all day, you might feel that they’re lacking too.

However, it’s likely that not all users find fault with their earphones’ endurance. A slew of wireless earbuds under $100 offer at least four hours of juice per charge. That’s more than enough for a quick jog or the daily work commute. And if you ever need to charge them, their included cases offer a quick top-up, too. That battery life jumps to double digits for headphones, which is more than enough for a long workday.

Of course, whether you feel battery life is adequate or lacking largely depends on your use case. That’s why you should make your thoughts known.

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So, are you happy with the battery life of your wireless earphones (i.e. headphones, true wireless earbuds, neckbands)? Be sure to vote in our poll above, and let us know your more complex feelings in the comments section below.

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