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Pre-Registration For Torchlight: Infinite Is Live On The Play Store

After many months of testing with the public in two separate closed betas, Torchlight: Infinite is available for pre-registration on Android. Torchlight: Infinite is one of many different isometric ARPG games on mobile devices. But out of all of the available options, there aren’t a whole lot that come from iconic franchises. At least, not many that were built from the ground up for mobile.

In fact the other only isometric ARPG on mobile from an iconic franchise that fits in this category is Diablo Immortal. Built from the ground up for mobile devices and coming from a franchise that has been beloved by fans for quite some time.

This puts Torchlight: Infinite in a unique position. It can expand on the genre while also delighting fans of the series. Though whether it can pull some players away from Diablo Immortal remains to be seen. Both are fun games. And it certainly wouldn’t hurt to have more than one option in this genre to play on-the-go.

Pre-register for Torchlight: Infinite on Android through Google Play

If you want to pre-register on Android, there are a few ways you can do so. Directly from the Torchlight: Infinite website, or from the Play Store app, or even the Google Play website. You can even pre-register via the TapTap app if you’re so inclined.

It should be noted that there is still no firm release date for this game. There is how a release window, as the website confirms it’ll launch on mobile devices sometime in October 2022.

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With regards to gameplay, since this is an action rpg that’s focused on loot, expect plenty of loot to acquire. There’s also a wide variety of skills and plenty of build-crafting that can be done on each character class. Those who have enjoyed past Torchlight games on PC should find that they enjoy this one as well.

Though not entirely like its PC counterparts, many of the elements that players have loved about the franchise can be found within Infinite’s content. Torchlight isn’t just part of the name here. The Torchlight DNA is baked in. You can find out a little more about the game and all it has to offer in the trailer below.

Torchlight: Infinite

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