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Qualcomm Reportedly Working On Snapdragon Wear 5100 For Wearables

A well-known chip maker, Qualcomm, is working to develop a new chipset called Snapdragon Wear 5100. The product is tailored to Wear OS watches. According to 9to5google, this information is found on uploaded codes by the company.

Qualcomm is using the SW5100 to refer to its new chipset- which stands for Snapdragon Wear 5100. Also, it runs Android 11. We can see the “LAW” in the build ID that possibly refers to Linux Android Wear. The codename for the chipset is Monaco.

The Snapdragon Wear 5100 will be a flagship chipset for smartwatches, so it comes with some improvements over the Snapdragon Wear 4100. According to the findings by XDA Developers, the Wear 5100 uses a quad-core design with ARM Cortex-A73 cores. The devices that feature Snapdragon Wear 5100 will likely ship with Android 11 and the Wear OS 3 platform.

The release date is still unknown, and it is unlikely that we will see the unveiling of the new chipset any time soon. Qualcomm unveiled the Snapdragon Wear 4100 in just 2020, and maybe it prefers to spend more time developing the successor version.

As per the recent company announcement, the Snapdragon Wear 4100 and 4100+ will support Wear OS 3. “We are working with Google on bringing Wear OS 3.0 to Snapdragon Wear 4100+ and 4100 platforms. Snapdragon Wear 3100, 4100+, and 4100 are capable of supporting Wear OS 3.0, but we are not discussing any specifics at this time.” the company noted.

Tighter competition in the smartwatch market is on the way

The wearables market is receiving more attention from companies. They know that these wristband products can generate billions of dollars in revenue. Currently, dozens of companies are producing wearables, and the competition is becoming more fierce.

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Apple is the leading company in the wearables market. The company could make $7.8 billion from selling wearables, homes, and accessories in the second fiscal quarter of 2021. Samsung, Google, and Fitbit also have a good share of the market.

Of course, it’s not easy for Qualcomm to place its chips in the heart of new smartwatches. Currently, not many products are using Snapdragon Wear 4100. If Qualcomm wants a share, the successor needs to offer an outstanding performance and some eye-catching features.

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