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Razer Is For Gamers By Gamers, But Also For The Environment Too

Razer is partnering with a company called ClearBot to help clean up the world’s oceans. The goal is to help reduce the amount of plastics that end up in them. An admirable goal indeed, and one that you may not expect from a company like Razer. Not because Razer isn’t an environmentally conscious company.

But rather because it’s a company that specializes in making gaming products, and this isn’t really Razer’s area of expertise. In fact Razer might be the last company you would think would set out on a venture to clean up the world’s oceans. Then again, this is a company that never stops trying to surprise its fans in new ways.

Following the pandemic and global lockdowns, Razer converted many of its factory supply lines to help make surgical-grade masks. At a time when there was a severe shortage. So this sort of endeavor seems par for the course for Razer. It’s also not Razer’s first environmentally-related project.

The company has been working with Conservation International to save 1 million trees. And it’s continuing those efforts by committing to releasing new products based on this partnership, featuring its Sneki Snek mascot. In addition, Razer will release a new product for every 100,000 trees that are saved.

Razer helped ClearBot turn its robot prototype into a scalable product

To help clean the world’s oceans, Razer’s hand in this project was helping ClearBot to bring its AI-powered robot prototype up to a scalable level.

Now, ClearBot’s robot is a scalable, mass-marketable product that can eventually be sold. Razer says its engineers and designers volunteered personal time to make things happen. And because of Razer’s assistance, ClearBot was able to transform its prototype and improve on its original design.

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The robot is now more efficient than it was before and it’s smarter too. How exactly does the robot work? That’s the magical part. It uses AI-vision technology to identify the different types of marine plastic waste. Once it identifies plastics, it can collect them and store them inside an onboard compartment.

ClearBot says the robot is capable of identifying marine plastic waste in an area of up to 2 meters around it, and in rough waters. It can also store up to 250kg of marine plastic waste in one cycle. What’s more is that the robot is powered by solar energy.

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