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Razer Partners With miHoYo For Genshin Impact Product Collab

Razer and miHoYo are joining forces for a Genshin Impact collaboration. So now you can have more Paimon than ever! Razer tends to partner mostly with popular and high-profile games for themed products, and Genshin Impact definitely fits that bill.

As part of today’s announcement, Razer is unveiling three new products in its lineup. Now these aren’t completely new products. They’re simply Genshin Impact versions of stuff that the company already sells.

Still, if you’re a huge Genshin Impact fan, you may want to keep eyes peeled for when these land. As there’s no telling how limited they may be or how hard it’ll be to get a hold of them.

Razer is announcing this news in partnership with miHoYo as part of the studio’s recent announcement of patch 2.2 for the game. Which is out this month.

Razer now makes a Genshin Impact Iskur X

One of the three new products that Razer is announcing is a Genshin Impact version of the Iskur X. It comes in a dark blue color with themed details in a light gold-ish color. There’s also a design of Paimon’s face on the back with her name stitched into the seat just under it.

In addition to the new Iskur X, there’s also a Genshin Impact co-branded Deathadder V2 Pro mouse and a Goliathus Medium mouse mat. Razer hasn’t officially announced the pricing for any of these products yet. So it’s likely looking to reveal the cost at its upcoming RazerCon 2021 event that happens on October 21.

Although you can’t buy any of these items at the moment, you can sign up to be notified once they’re available.

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All three products come with codes for in-game items

miHoYo is usually pretty generous with its freebies. But it never hurts to have more in a game like Genshin Impact. Each one of these products comes with a redeemable code that gives you in-game items.

The Deathadder V2 Pro comes with 200 primogems and 80,000 mora. The Goliathus Medium mouse mat comes with 30 primogems and Adventurer’s Experience x5. The Iskur X meanwhile comes with 500 primogems, 100,000 mora, and Hero’s Wit x20.

Aside from the three products above, Razer is also adding special designs to its Razer Customs service. So you’ll soon be able to create a unique peripheral with Genshin Impact designs on it. Lastly, there’s also now a special Genshin Impact audio profile in the THX Spatial Audio app for PC.

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