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Razer’s Gaming Finger Sleeves Are The Answer To Your Sweat Problems

Mobile gaming is so large at this point, companies like Razer have released a product called Gaming Finger Sleeves to help you from getting sweaty thumbs.

As ridiculous as it might sound, and as goofy as you might think they look while using them, they do seem to work. And if they work, with their intended job being to help prevent sweat on your fingers while gaming on your mobile device, then they can’t really be that ridiculous.

But that’s neither here nor there. Because whether or not they’re ridiculous is subjective. Having said that, Razer designed these for a very clear purpose. And as it would seem, they serve that purpose well.

The Razer Gaming Finger Sleeves aren’t going to increase your skills tenfold. Or anything like that. However, if you play mobile games for longer sessions, that can lead to sweat buildup. Your fingers begin to feel a little more sticky, and that makes it harder to drag your fingers across the screen. These are here to cut down on that.

The Razer Gaming Finger Sleeves are washable

We know what you’re thinking. If you wear these while you play mobile games for 3 or 4 hours a day, they’ll eventually get gross. Right? Well, not exactly. Because Razer says they’re washable. So if you ever feel like they could use a little freshening up, they can be cleaned. And then they’re presumably good as new.

They’re designed with what Razer calls “Smooth, High-Sensitivity Fabric.” Razer also claims they’re breathable and because they offer a universal fit, they should work for anyone. They’re also touted as non-slip. After using them, I wouldn’t exactly say they’re non-slip. But, they do seem to help with finger placement and accuracy of movement and in-game actions. Because your fingers do slide across the screen more easily, but not too much.

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The sleeves are made of 35% silver fiber, which probably lends some sort of antimicrobial properties to them (to be clear, neither Razer nor the packaging state these are antimicrobial). The other remaining 65% is 60% nylon and 5% spandex. So these things are nice and stretchy and easy to put on. They work for fingers and thumbs, depending on how you play.

But if you use more than just your thumbs, then you’ll need more than one pack as a single pack comes with two sleeves. Razer is selling the Gaming Finger Sleeves for $9.99 a pack, which isn’t bad if you find value in having such a product. You can pick them up directly from Razer.

Razer Gaming Finger Sleeves

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