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Razer’s Hammerhead True Wireless X Offer Low-latency Audio At £70

Razer is at it again with its latest product drop, the Hammerhead True Wireless X. As you can likely judge by the name, this is a pair of true wireless earbuds and they’re part of Razer’s current lineup.

Which includes the original Hammerhead True Wireless that released back in 2019, as well as the Pro model that launched last year. These new earbuds are quite similar to the original model, but there are a couple of changes.

They come with the new charging case that you get with the Pros, and they don’t have the same water resistance that the Pros or the originals have. And that’s likely why they come in at a less expensive price. Worth noting though is that these only seem to be available in the UK at the moment.

If you’re looking to get your hands on a pair, you can buy them direct from Razer’s UK website for £69.99, and they should also make their way to Amazon UK at some point as many of Razer’s products end up on Amazon.

The Razer Hammerhead True Wireless X feature LEDs and Custom-Tuned Drivers

Another big change that wasn’t on Razer’s first pair of true wireless earbuds are LEDs. LED-lit tri-snake logos are on almost all of Razer’s products these days. Though the company does offer a few things that try to be more subtle and have ditched this particular feature.

The Hammerhead True Wireless X do come with the LED-lit logo, featured on each earbud. This is also where you’ll find the couch controls, which should be the exact same as on the other two pairs of earbuds. This includes activating the gaming mode by tapping the touch control three times and holding for two seconds on the last tap.

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It’s also possible to enable the gaming mode from the Razer app, though this might be less convenient. These new earbuds won’t have the ambient mode that the Pros offer nor will they come with some of the other perks. Then again the Pros cost upwards of £160 (they’re $199.99 in the US), so Razer choosing to leave a few features out of the X model is understandable.

There’s no word yet on if these will launch in the US or in other regions. But it would be unlikely for Razer to launch a more mainstream product like these in only one country. Excluding the special Pikachu Hammerhead True Wireless of course, which only officially launched in China and Singapore.

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