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rC3: Tickets for the CCC are already sold out

Last updated on March 9, 2021

The tickets were offered for free and are necessary for the logged-in area. The lectures can also be streamed without.

Instead of the Chaos Communication Congress this year the Online Event Remote Chaos Experience (rC3) will be held. The preparations are in full swing, but the tickets are already sold out. They were offered for free or against donation (Supporter-Ticket).

The lectures at the annual hacker congress, which takes place as usual between Christmas and New Year’s Eve, can be streamed as usual without a ticket. However, these are “required for the logged-in area, which allows for interaction between participants, workshop participation, discovery of the assembly areas and a few surprises for you”, explains the Chaos Computer Club in a blog entry.

Experiment rC3

The rC3 is a big experiment with limited resources, says the blog entry. As always, the event would be organized and run by volunteers. Parts of the infrastructure simply didn’t scale well enough, and sooner or later, each part of the infrastructure would need people to beggar it.

“It’s difficult to estimate how many of you will be using the infrastructure at the same time – the whole online-only-event thing is new for us too,” the club writes. There are simply no empirical values for this. However, they are checking if and how it is possible to make more tickets available.

To keep the online experience authentic, mate should be stocked up on mate, advises CCC in a warmup. Because a central supply as before would be out of the question. To find local Mate dealers, a map is offered. If you want a congress t-shirt, at least this year you don’t have to stand in the long queue – instead you can buy the shirts in an online shop. Even the popular sticker boxes try to depict people by means of a postal sticker exchange.

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