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Reasons To Switch To Salesforce Mobile App

CRM solutions are now used by almost all types and sizes of businesses and organizations globally. Among these, many companies usually adopt Salesforce Mobile App for a stable and robust CRM framework. Now, what is a Salesforce Mobile App and why is it used?. In this blog, we will cover some of the most important Salesforce Mobile App development related topics and reasons to switch to Salesforce Mobile App. Additionally one can opt for a Salesforce training program to understand Salesforce CRM in and out.

In this blog on ‘Reasons to switch to Salesforce Mobile App’, we will cover the following:

  • What is the Salesforce Mobile App?
  • Top reasons for switching to Salesforce Mobile App: Ease of use, 360 degree view, Time Management, Easy Customizations, Generate quality leads, Prompt data access, Data Security
  • Why is the Salesforce Mobile App suggested for Businesses?
  • Conclusion

What is the Salesforce Mobile App?

The Salesforce Mobile App is an enterprise grade cloud-based CRM application that allows the organizations to have a personalized and streamlined version of their CRM solution on phones or tablets. Moreover, even being a mobile application, Salesforce Mobile App has the ability to fulfill the business needs at every level of the organization.

Along with the above mentioned functionalities, the Salesforce Mobile App equips your marketing team with an on-the-go salesforce repository. From personalizing sales reports to prompt communication with your teams, Salesforce Mobile App offers all the benefits of the Salesforce CRM solution on the go.

Now, we will further talk about the various reasons for switching to Salesforce Mobile App.

Top reasons for switching to Salesforce Mobile App

The Salesforce Mobile App comes with embedded features, which provide prompt CRM functionalities on the go. The embedded features that come with the Salesforce Mobile App are:

  • Customer 360
  • Einstein Analytics
  • High performance output
  • Solid security
  • Lead generation
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Now, we will discuss in detail about the benefits of switching to the App:

1. Ease of Use

The CRM platform provided by the Salesforce Mobile App is easy to use. Any kind of information related to the business or marketing events is available at your fingertips on the go. All the significant and important KPIs can be easily accessed using the app dashboard. Also, no data wrangling is required to be done.Time and effort is saved with the help of the drag and drop functionality and no Salesforce developer needs to be hired for doing the sorting and arrangement of the page elements.

2. 360 degree view

Customer 360, a feature included with the Salesforce Mobile App suite, offers a platform for business data processing. The data is granulated and in-depth information regarding the customers is presented for business decision making. This functionality can also be incorporated in the services like marketing cloud, service cloud and the company cloud etc. Hence, it provides a comprehensive view of the customer perspective at all the levels and facilitates effective personalization services for the consumers.

To get in-depth understanding of Salesforce, refer this free Salesforce tutorial:

Salesforce Tutorial for Beginners | Salesforce For Beginners | Salesforce Course | Intellipaat

3. Time Management

The Salesforce Mobile App platform offers multiple features such as the constructed calendars and preparation metrics and tools etc. Having the right information available at the right time saves the organization a lot of time. The preparation tools allow you to plan and prepare for your client meetings effectively. The calendar provides a visualization of the upcoming events and the entire year. Knowing what lies ahead and planning for the future helps keep the profits on track.

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4. Easy Customizations

There are numerous ways in which the Salesforce Mobile App can be personalized. For example- Custom Layouts, Custom navigation and personalized actions. For ease of using the smartphones, the app can be customized with only essential details being placed into convenient record identifiers. Also, depending on the individual preferences of your team, you can add or delete multiple items.

5. Generate Quality Leads

The numerous functionalities incorporated in the Salesforce Mobile App make it worth using as the insights provided by such functionalities help in generating quality leads in a simple way and on the go. The app also stores detailed information regarding the meetings, lead follow-ups and more for better lead management.

6. Prompt Data Access

Get access to any kind of information related to any customer at any point of time. For business purposes, you can view documents and files related to your meetings, client profiles, quotations, interactions, etc. even while travelling. Hence, it is that simple to view customer or sales related data on the go by switching to the Salesforce Mobile App.

7. Data Security

What can be better than accessing your CRM benefits from your phone or tab along with data security? The Salesforce Mobile App ensures utmost security of the data and the activities performed therein. LockerService is a functionality provided that ensures that the components communicate with each other in order to prevent the platform against any malicious data.

Why is the Salesforce Mobile App suggested for businesses?

So far, we discussed the reasons for switching to Salesforce Mobile App. Now we will explain why it is suggested for businesses. We all know by now that the salesforce mobile app offers easy customizations, time management, flexibility, Security,etc. But what is more important is how these reasons impact the business growth. Well, there is no doubt that using Salesforce CRM, the majority of the organizations have benefitted and have grown at an exponential rate. Now, the similar features but with additional on-the-go functionalities has a greater potential to grow your business. Saving time and easy access to all the important data go hand in hand in supporting your business sales and marketing team, thus boosting their performance.

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To sum up, in this blog, we learned about the meaning of the Salesforce Mobile App, the features and reasons to switch to the Salesforce Mobile App. Finally, we understood the underlying meaning as to why the Salesforce Mobile App is suggested for businesses. So, as Salesforce continues to help millions of companies grow, the Salesforce Mobile App is here to take this figure higher to trillions. Hence, switching to the App and reaping the benefits is what the above top reasons point to.

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