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Reddit now lets you mute subreddits you don’t like

Enlarge / The Reddit logo on a mobile device.

In a post to /r/reddit, Reddit announced that it began rolling out a feature that will allow users to mute specific communities that contain content they don’t want to see.

If you mute a subreddit using this feature, posts from it won’t show up in your notifications, home feed recommendations, or Popular, Reddit’s feed of the most upvoted content from across its various communities.

Later, Reddit plans to apply muting to other places like “All” and “Discover.” Muting a community won’t stop you from being able to visit or post it, though.

There are definitely a few specific subreddits that are ubiquitous in Popular that I find eye-roll inducing; their ubiquity dissuades me from visiting Popular all that often. Since Popular captures high-performing posts from a wildly disparate range of interests and communities, that’s probably true for a lot of users.

This feature poses a solution to that problem and could make some users more likely to check out the Popular feed.

You can mute up to 1,000 communities and tweak your muted list at any time in Settings.

Unfortunately, this new muting feature is only available in Reddit’s iOS and Android apps for now. This isn’t the first time Reddit has rolled out new features first to mobile devices. It has become a fairly common occurrence in recent years. Nonetheless, Reddit was particularly clear this time that the new muting feature would come to the desktop and the web.

The post announcing the muting feature directs users to follow Reddit’s changelog feed for updates on rollouts to other platforms.

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